Delivered free to your door within 2-4 Days (within Canada) Give GRATITUDE to your Customers, Staff, Referral Partners, Friends & Family! Hand Selected + High Quality Food
+ Drinks + Accessories
Delivered free to your door within 2-4 Days (within Canada) Give a GIFT that makes a lasting “WOW” Impression! You Order, We Deliver & People RAVE about YOU! Hand Selected + High Quality Food
+ Drinks + Accessories
Delivered free to your door within 2-4 Days (within Canada) Gratitude is an Attitude! Become a Gratitude Loyalty Partner TODAY! Sign up for FREE and receive 10% or gift it to your favorite charity! Hand Selected + High Quality Food
+ Drinks + Accessories

The Complete Staycation Experience!

A Completely Unique GIFT & Experience That Will Have People Raving About YOU!

Welcome to your Staycation Box Experience! This is the most unique gift experience in the World, that will put a huge smile on your face and completely WOW those that receive them. As you open the box you are walked through every aspect from the music to play to create the mood, tasting notes for the various delicious beverages, and tips on how to make the make the experience exceptional & delectable. Each Staycation Box is jam-packed with the finest locally sourced ingredients and products for TWO (Italy feeds 4 and India up to 6), and comes with exclusive memorable keepsakes to remind the recipients of the experience for years to come.


Plus, each Staycation Box sold supports local food banks across Canada – $732 was donated in December 2020 alone. Established during the 2020 global pandemic, we want to bring a completely different GRATITUDE experience to you, your customers, your staff, your referral partners and your family & friends.


Start immediately and put the smile on the faces of those that you want to give GRATITUDE to! Simply put; you order, we deliver, and they RAVE about you! Also, ensure you join our Gratitude Loyalty Partner Program to ensure you receive 10% off your purchases or give the 10% to you favorite charity. It’s 100% free to join!


We are all about GRATITUDE and so look forward to working with you!

With Utmost Gratitude & Respect,






Mexican Staycation

{ Freedom Fiesta }

Spice up the night with our Fun & Fabulous Mexico Staycation Box! This fiesta package comes complete with everything you need to have a fantastic party such as gorgeous Margarita Glasses, Premium Tequila, Margarita Mix, Salt (for the rim of your margaritas of course!), Salsa, Guacamole, Tortilla Chips, Tortillas, Cheese, Avocados, Limes, and
so much more!

French Staycation

{ Joy à la mode }

Bring Paris to your doorstep with our France Staycation Box! This luxurious package includes items such as Delicious Crackers, a Variety of Cheeses (and gifted cheeseboard), Specialized Chocolates, Brules, your very own Garlic Roaster, a Romantic Eiffel Tower Candle, your choice of Red or White French wine (or alcohol free), and
so much more!

Italian Staycation

{ Rome at Home }

Enjoy a delicious meal and your choice of Red or White wine in our Italy Staycation Box! This hand-selected quality package includes items such as Antipasto, Italian Crackers, a Block of Parmigiano Cheese, Pasta, Sauce, Biscuits, Italian Chocolates, Italian Coffee, Your Choice of Red or
White Italian Wine (or alcohol free), and
so much more.

Hawaiian Staycation

{ Paradise Luau }

Take your shoes off and get ready for an exceptional island-style Hawaii Staycation Box experience. This luxurious package starts in the evening and has you waking up in the morning to a complete island experience. We have hand-selected beautiful keepsake Glasses and Coffee Mugs plus it includes Mai Tai Mix, Rum (or alcohol free), Fig & Apple Compote, Pancake Mix, Fruit Syrup and much more.

Indian Staycation

{ No Hurry Curry }

Get ready for an incredible taste bud tantalizing experience with our India Staycation Box! This flavourful (and I mean full) experience comes with the following sumptuous tastes of India; Papadams, Mint Chutney, Butter Chicken Sauce, Marsala Box, Kher Rice, Bourbon Cookies, Old Monk Rum (or alcohol free) and an array of Delicious Spices prepared by you to your taste, and so much more.

Become a Staycation Box Gratitude Loyalty Partner!

Gratitude Partners are individuals, companies or corporations that want to give Gratitude to their friends, family, customers,  staff or vendors and know that they will be ordering multiple units of the Staycation Boxes.

“When you give gratitude, the Universe gives you more to be grateful for!” Colin Sprake – Co-Founder

The ideas are truly endless… just like GRATITUDE!

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