Our Vision, Mission, Core Values & Why


Putting HEART into every staycation box experience.


To be the go-to company in Canada for giving GRATITUDE and putting smiles on people’s faces and warmth in their hearts!


To choose the highest quality, hand-selected and locally sourced products and combine them together to create a unique luxury experience, to give employers, company owners and the general public the opportunity to give GRATITUDE by sending a premium gift to their Customers, Referral Partners, Staff, Family & Friends. To also ensure that the GRATITUDE is long lasting by having keepsakes in each package to remind them of the occasion for long after the experience is completed.

Core Values

Community of Trust

Knowing we are doing the right things for one another all the time.


Heartful Kindness

To always be respecting one another in every interaction.


Unconditional Gratitude

Giving gratitude in all situations, even if you have not benefited directly.


Commitment to Excellence

Never compromising on quality and always striving to improve in every way!



Doing the right things, at the right time, all the time!

Colin’s WHY!

Colin Sprake is a serial entrepreneur who is based in White Rock, British Columbia, Canada. He loves to travel with his amazing wife of 23-years, Gabi, and their two incredible teenage daughters, Ruby and Jade. They have been to over 80 countries and deeply enjoy experiencing different cultures and people.


During the global pandemic in 2020, Colin & Gabi were forced to postpone their family trips to Ireland, France, South Africa, Panama and Italy – this frustrated Colin and got him thinking – if you cannot go on vacation, why not bring the vacation experience to people’s living rooms and patios! And, Staycation Boxes was born!


Colin & Gabi have huge hearts for serving people and wanting to see them with smiles on their faces and loving and enjoying quality time with family and friends. Their guarantee to you is, that when you enjoy a staycation box experience yourself or gift it to somebody else, that you’ll feel like you are truly are on vacation… even if it’s just for an evening!


“I want everyone to realize that the highest energy on the planet is love and that is what you will experience with a vacation at home as every Staycation Box is packed with the love and care that we are sending you” – Colin Sprake.