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French Staycation Soiree


This is your final boarding call to having a complete French experience for TWO in your living room. This premium Staycation Experience for TWO is filled with locally sourced French products creating an incredible night in France. This is what’s included in the experience package: Delicious Crostini & Paris Toast Crackers, a Variety of Cheeses, Artisan-Crafted Dried Salami, Delectable Compote, Black Slate Cheeseboard & Cheese Knife, Specialty Handcrafted Chocolates, Ceramic Garlic Roaster with Garlic and flavoured roasting oil, Ceramic Brie Baker complete with Brie Cheese and Tasty Brie Brule, a Romantic Eiffel Tower Candle, Creamy Hot Chocolate Mix, and a Choice of Red Pinot Noir or White Chablis wine with your own Staycation Experience Corkscrew (an alcohol free option is available). Plus, a curated list of beautiful French music to take you dreaming across Paris!


1. Keepsakes: Black Slate Cheeseboard & Cheese Knife, Ceramic Garlic Roaster & Brie Baker, Eiffel Tower Candle, Staycation Experience Corkscrew, and a Hot Chocolate Tin.
2. When selecting Alcohol Free, additional premium products are added!
3. We do our very best to give you exactly what you see in the photos!

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