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Delectable Indian Staycation


You are one step closer to having a complete Indian Experience for those who love to cook! This flavourful (and I mean full) experience includes the following sumptuous tastes of India: Papadums, Tasty Chutney, Butter Chicken sauce, Minced Garlic and Ginger, Basmati Rice, Naan Bread, Paneer (cheese) Dish, an array of spices in its own authentic Indian Stainless Steel Marsala Container, Kheer Rice, Bourbon Cookies, Soan Papadi and Old Monk Rum (an alcohol free option is available). Plus, a full list of hand selected Indian music. Easy-to-follow recipes are included, and you can make the dishes as spicy as you want.

1. Keepsakes: Stainless Steel Marsala Spice Box, Rum Glasses, Virgin Olive Oil. Most of the food can be stored and used for months to come!
2. When selecting Alcohol Free, additional premium products are added!
3. We do our very best to give you exactly what you see in the photos!

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